"She was fine when we left home"

Eat wild, become wild.

It works..
You might not believe it until you try it, but the sheer act of wandering out in the morning, snuffling among the hedgerows, and picking these little humble leaves and flowers makes me a bit.. sparky.

I’m stuck in a virtuous cycle. I was all schnoozy when i got back, feeling kind of… old. I forced myself back into the habit of going out and picking for breakfast because I knew the greens were what I needed. It took about 3 days on green smoothies before i was jumping again. Now I’m singing to the little blighters with gratitude. I’m making contact with nature in a new way; I’ve got new friends. Call me crazy or call me wild. I don’t care. They’re free, they’re strong medicine, I can have as much as I want, and I want more and more. I feel less cold. I crave less sweet. My organs are humming…

From left to right: plantain, (something (?!)-wort, cleavers, comfrey

From top left - clockwise: dock, strawberry leaves, dandelion leaves and flowers, nettle tips, clover, primrose flowers, daisies

Clockwise from left: gorse flowers, navelwort, chickweed

In herbal medicine, all these plants are attributed strong healing properties. There are many  good books to guide you for specific conditions, or if you just want to feel more vital and WILD, take my elephant gun approach – eat as much of all of them as you can (being very careful only to eat the ones you recognise please.)


1. Nut/seed milk. Blend half a cup of nuts or seeds that have been soaked overnight (and drained) with 2 cups of pure water. Using a muslin cloth or nut milk bag strain the milk from the pulp and set aside. If you like you smoothies thick and super filling then don’t bother with the straining part.

2. Add Fruit. 2 pieces of fruit into your blender will do – apples, pears, bananas, handful of berries – whatever takes your fancy. For extra sweetness add a small handful of dry fruit soaked overnight, with their soak water.

3. Superfoods. We love maca (nice and malty) and spirulina (PROTEIN) at about 1 heaped tsp per person. Also try carob for a chocolatey mood, barley grass powder, lucuma for a bit of butterscotch; pinch a salt or splash of umeboshi plum seasoning (can work wonders), soaked nuts or seeds (these will make it smoother, thicker and pacify the green).

4. Enter the Wild GREENS!

Load up the rest of the blender with as many greens as you and it can handle. If you don’t have a powerful blender then add the greens bit by bit and/ or chop them up first. Whizz and voila!

For beauty, serve in a bowl with a handful of chopped up fruit, and/or sprouts, some whole soaked nuts, seeds, grains (buckwheat’s a favorite), torn up leaves and edible spring flowers (primroses, dandelion, gorse flowers). Go nuts, go  w  i  l  d  …

If you find it too bitter or just plain green, add more fruits. Don’t be put off. It won’t take long before you crave that bitter edge.

These ‘weeds’ were among the herbs cultivated in medicinal gardens at monasteries around the British Isles 1000 years ago and more. Our medicine is in our own hands, close to the ground, at the borders.

Side effects: wildness..