First, an apology. How very British.

This post was first published with all my unedited notes on display, after i pushed the ‘publish’ button by accident. Rather like the door swinging open while you’re sitting on the loo at a festival.. Sorry to our subscribers who got flashed! The finished post is now below.

The British Aisles

I found this on the beach last week. My jubilee find. Like the tattered entrails of some passed seafaring ambition, or the skeleton of a land whose soil was washed away.

Funny, no, that this Tuesday marks the anniversary of the reign of Britain’s worldy queen, and Venus our Queen of the heavens as she makes her rare transit across the sun?

The queen is patron of the Rothamstead Insitute, an historic British research institution now overrun by Monsanto goons, lobbying their patented GM wheat straight into the soil. What about that my lady; have we sold our staff, our future, to a juvenile half-brained science, for a handful of dud beans?

Why are they all so keen – government, enterprise, media and royalty? Why is the evidence of danger to our health and the ecology consistently buried or hidden, good scientists scandalised and defamed? Rothamstead have another 120 patents up their sleeve. Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the seeds…

We reveled in cake and tea with a fine gathering of folks on Sunday, at the jubilee celebrations in St Davids. So much charm, finesse and dignity in this culture, but we’re being blindfolded with bunting. The anthems are playing, the china clinking, while the wheat grows taller in the field, behind rows of armed coppers. Once it goes to seed, there’s no turning back. Hello mutant ladybirds. Hello new disease. Hello two-headed celebrity offspring in Hello magazine.

This Venus transit “strongly supports the reintegration and emergence of the Divine Feminine principle in our world”*. Sounds like just in time..

The campaign against GMOs is the campaign to protect our food sovereignty. In lieu of our sovereign’s Venusian revolution, you might like to visit the below:

the Venus cycle

I’m turning my head to Venus today, raising the game to the heavens. You can trust her; big beautiful blue jewel of the sky. Her power’s undimmed by our experiment, her course unchanged by lobbying.

Breathe in, open your heart and take in the nectar of the Divine Queen infusing us, emblazoned in the full force of the sun; tonight, one night only.

Now, what else but…

Cucumber sandwiches

I was planning a jubilee cake, but Charlotte’s on a very low sugar diet on account of our little babe having Colic (a syndrome where babies unconsciously torture their parents with uncontrollable bouts of continuous screaming. There are thousands of things you can try to comfort baby, from singing, walking, dancing, bouncing, jiggling, changing your diet, slamming your head against a hard surface. The method is to try all of them until something works, while maintaining an open heart.. Parenting – golly, who knew!?)

Whizz all the below ingredients in a food processor until it’s a smoothish pate.

1/2 cup soaked hazlenuts
1/2 cup soaked sunflower seeds
3 tablespoons Olive Oil
1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
2 pinches salt
1 teaspoon Umeboshi Plum seasoning (or a bit more salt if not)
a small sprig of Rosemary (about 20 little leaves)

Then cut cucumber rounds and put a good thick slice of strawberry on top. Squish on about a teaspoon’s worth of the pate then garnish with alfalfa/radish sprouts and a blueberry, for a bit of the old red white and blue darling.

Excellent Venus information.